13 January 2019

When we returned to school we were shocked to find a control panel from a spaceship on the playground! We received an email from a concerned neighbour who had taken a photograph of something strange in the sky on Sunday evening. We agreed  that it was probably the spacecraft before it crashed! We wrote incident reports because we also found remains from the rocket on the field! Jamie from Fleetwood Town taught us bouncing skills in P.E. and Romeo joined us. We did astronaut whole turns and half turns outside during maths. In art we painted pictures of what we thought the spaceship could have looked like. On Friday Mr Luty gave us a bin liner full of more items from the spaceship. We sorted them to try to understand more about the spacecraft. We grouped them by their material and by whether or not they were magnetic or non-magnetic. 

11.1.19 Robins

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Blake Coughlan   15 January 2019

I love this topic! My favourite planet is the sun.

Alice Walker   18 January 2019

It’s so fun in Robins. Space is my favourite topic. I liked using charcoal to draw planets

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