20 May 2018

On Friday 18th May 2018, the whole school came out in red, white and blue to celebrate the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.
In Herons, we made flags to wave and bunting for the playground. Through-out the week we found out about the Royal Family tree and London tourists attractions. On Friday afternoon we had a street-party with British picnic food (on Union Jack plates) and wore crowns. We also played traditional British games including skipping, clapping games, races and hop-scotch. In small groups we also had to guess which teacher had which song at their wedding or are going to have. We had a fabulous day!


What was your favourite thing about the week? What did you enjoy about our Royal Wedding day? Did you watch the wedding on Saturday? How did you celebrate?



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Charlotte Wood   20 May 2018

My favourite part was getting a crown so I could be Princess Charlotte. I enjoyed having our own street party and picnic outside. Yes I watched the wedding and I really enjoyed it.

Evelyn Bradbury   21 May 2018

I enjoyed having a picnic and colouring in the flags and the suit for Prince Harry. I didn't colour in Meghan's dress. We invited granny, gramps and grandma to our house to our Royal Wedding party and watched the wedding and had lunch while we were watching it.

Zach Hobbs   22 May 2018

My favourite part was colouring the flags and pictures on the Friday morning. I loved having lunch outside at school with all my friends! I watched some of the wedding at my Nanas and we had a BBQ on Sunday to celebrate! My Mummy loved watching the wedding and Meghan Markles dress and veil :)

Cole chappell   23 May 2018

I loved watching the royal wedding, seeing so many people there and learning about them in school has been so much fun. I learnt to wave like a royal. The school street party was so much fun, and the sun was out. It was a great day.

Lily Wootton   23 May 2018

My favourite part of the week was playing the traditional games. I liked watching the wedding on tv and some of my family came to watch it with us. We had a tea party.

Lillie   7 June 2018

On Friday the best thing was having dinner outside in the school playground ???????????????? on Saturday after dance we went to Nanny and we celebrated and wAnd had a good time and then we went in the hot tub and then we watched it the beautiful wedding

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