Herons have now finished their unit on kicking. They now know how to pass, defend, use both feet to pass and score. 


What have you enjoyed about kicking? What was your favourite skill?



Posted by Mrs McEvilly on 15 May 2018

Category: Herons

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Charlotte Wood   16 May 2018

I have enjoyed learning all the different ways how to kick. My favourite skill is kicking the ball behind me.

Cole Chappell    16 May 2018

I loved these lessons because I enjoy ball skills, I like to score. My favourite skill I learnt was the a drag back. I use this when I play football!

Hannah Blake   16 May 2018

My favourite skill was the back kick and the dribble. I enjoyed trying not to hit the cone and getting the ball to Macy before the time ran out.

Erin Lowe    17 May 2018

Erin enjoyed passing the ball to her partner.

Erin’s favourite skill was kicking with right foot.

Zach Hobbs   18 May 2018

My favourite skill was dribbling the ball ?? I think I want to start football, I have really enjoyed kicking ????

Evelyn Bradbury   21 May 2018

I enjoyed passing the ball to Finlay who was on the other side of the cones. It was funny when Miss Howarth tried to take the ball off me but I didn't let her have it!!

Lily Wootton   23 May 2018

I enjoyed playing football outside and my favourite skill was dribbling!

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