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Our trip to the Harris Museum was a really enjoyable experience.  We had the opportunity to do an archaeological dig for bones that belonged to the Poulton Elk and to identify the type of animal it was based on using the evidence provided.  Then we went to look at the skeleton of the Elk and discussed why Stone age people would have hunted animals like an Elk.  After looking at the skeleton we looked at stone age weapons and learnt about how they carved them using a method called knapping.  Some of the spear heads and axe heads were extrememly heavy.

What did you enjoy most about the visit to the museum and what new thing did you learn?

Owls Harris Musuem

Posted by Mr Boyd on 17 April 2018

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darcey dowell   25 April 2018

it was very fun and i learnt a lot

{Thank you}

lucy redmnan   2 May 2018

i had a really good time and learnt alot . thankyou

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