Last week in Herons we looked at why we celebrate Mother's Day and looked at different traditions around the world. We also made cards using collage materials.


What tradititon was your favourite? Why was it your favourite and what country is it from? How did you make your card?

Posted by Mrs McEvilly on 11 March 2018

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Charlotte Wood   13 March 2018

My favourite tradition was in Serbia where they tied the Mum up until they got sweets and treats. I like this because it sounds like lots of fun and the children get sweets! I chose a piece of pink card, then I wrote inside the card. Later on I stuck lots of different coloured pieces of paper onto a love heart and stuck it on then front and then Miss Howarth stuck the poem in and wrote on the front of the card.

Cole Chappell    13 March 2018

I love to spoil my mummy on mother’s day and help her do jobs. Doing fun things together. I love my mummy lots. I enjoyed making my mother’s day card and decorating my plant pot with my mummy. She is very special.

Harry price    13 March 2018

I like our tradition best because I enjoy spoiling my mummy with flowers , chocolates , special tea and cake .i also enjoy making her a Mother’s Day card .we used small pieces of coloured paper and stuck them on to our heart shapes for our mums .

Max B   14 March 2018

My favourite tradition is Serbia's because they tie their Mum's feet early in the morning.
For my card I used green for the outside and for the heart I used gold, silver, yellow, black, orange, red, green, purple and light blue.

Madeline Atkinson   14 March 2018

I like Serbia's tradition the best because tying their mother's feet up looks like fun. The mummy has to give them sweets unless to let the mummies be set free.

Max Holt    14 March 2018

I enjoyed making a plant pot look beautiful for my mummy for mother's day, she loves it and has it in the front room next to Abbigails. On mother's day we went to the arcades and had a treat take away night. My mummy is my bestest friend in the whole world.

Oscar dowel    14 March 2018

I enjoyed my mum coming into school and making a pot plant for mother’s day. I learnt about mother’s day in different countries, my favourite was Brazil because they have a bbq.

Jacob Turner    14 March 2018

My favourite tradition was where they tie their feet up . I think this is funny . They do this in Serbia . I made my card out of little bits of paper. It was precious for my mummy

Lily Wootton   14 March 2018

My favourite Mother's Day tradition is Australia's giving of carnations. It is my favourite because I love flowers! I made my card with different pieces of coloured paper. I stuck them into a heart shape.

Erin L   14 March 2018

My favourite tradition was Serbia’s tradition where they tie their Mothers feet. I like it because I think it’s funny that they tie their feet. I used a piece of pink card and a heart shaped picture to go on it.

Finlay Dickson   15 March 2018

My favourite tradition was in Brazil because they have a BBQ. I made my card using card and bits of paper. My mummy loved it.

Zach Hobbs   15 March 2018

My favourite Mother’s Day tradition is where they cook lots of food on a BBQ for the whole family! To make my card I stuck lots of pieces of material together to make a heart then I stuck the heart on! My Mummy loved it ??

Hannah Blake   15 March 2018

My favourite tradition is giving mummy breakfast in bed and I like Brazil because they have a BBQ and prey in church. I like Serbia because they tie the mummies feet and the children get sweets. For my card I used golden, dark pink , purple , blue, orange, yellow, red, green and black colours to make the heart. Mummy thought it was wonderful.

joshua henry   16 March 2018

i like to give my mummy presents becos she is lovly.

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