• Enabling all pupils to have a voice!
  • Create a more diverse and caring environment.
  • Overall satisfaction on what we’ve achieved!
  • Constantly improving our goals for our planet!
  • Our ongoing quest to make the right changes!
  • Determination to succeed.
  • Engaging all pupils and staff to realise our goals.



At Carleton Green we have committed ourselves to helping our planet. We are continually developing our ECO work and trying to be more environmentally friendly we are currently working towards our 2nd Green Flag Award which hopefully will recognise the work the school is achieving towards a sustainable lifestyle in and out of school. Our journey started in 2021/22 when Outdoor Learning became part of our school curriculum and joined thousands of other schools worldwide taking part in the Eco school initiative which encourages schools to be more environmentally aware and how we can help our planet by making small changes, it was a very successful year as we were award a GREEN FLAG status with DISTINCTION.



Our school grounds are constantly changing and developing. We have an outdoor classroom for our children use their practical skills to learn about plants, seasons, habitats, eco systems and growing our own vegetables and fruit (soil to plate) which are used in our kitchens for lunches/snacks. Over the last few years we have had hedgehogs, birds, frogs and toads living in or around there!

We also take part in no mow May leaving various areas to nature allowing dandelions, etc to flourish, plant wildflowers for our pollinators, such as bees and butterflies. The children have also plant 90 saplings close to the fence line to create a hedgerow which will eventually join the existing one at the front of the school.


We need you to help us to reduce, re-use and recycle our waste.

Reduce- We reduce the amount of waste we have by being more aware of what we are using and try to not waste resources such as paper, water and electricity.

Re-use We ask everyone to help with this! We ask our family to donate old school uniforms for our free clothes rail (the wing) plastic bottle tops, reading books for our library.

Recycling- At Carleton Green we recycle lots of different things including batteries, ink cartridges, broken toys and textiles for our Recycle to Read campaign the collection boxes are located in The Wing.



Our ongoing projects… to continue with our growing fruit and vegetable for our lunches/snacks. Create more habitats around our school grounds, encourage all wild life, feed our birds, encourage all at Carleton Green and their families so we can all make a difference working together!

Our future project… to create an outdoor classroom /sensory area where all classes can have at least 1 lesson weekly outside reducing our energy consumption and allowing pupils an opportunity to make and use natural resources wherever possible to assist with their learning. Arrange Switch off Afternoons in school, this could be where all classes turn off the electricity for the afternoon help reduce energy use even if they are inside and not in the outdoor classroom!


Being an ECO-school is all about working together and with everyone’s help we can achieve more awards and recognition for our hard work. We will also be saving the planet! We hope that you can be part of it too! If you would like to get more involved in any of the projects please let us know.