LED Light's Talk

Today the children in Doves had a visitor in class.Mr Timperley (Charlie's Grandad) from SDL Lighting came in to school and talked about the LED lights he works with. The children were all fascinated by all the information he gave them and they asked some fantastic questions. Mr Timperley has…

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Doves Show and Tell

Today during Show and Tell, Evie brought some Roald Dahl books to share with children. 


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"Doves research facts about Roald Dahl"

All this week the children have been researching facts about Roald Dahl so that they can create their own fact file about this world famous author. We celebrated Roald Dahl Day yesterday by finding even more facts about this amazing man. We have already made a great start in revising the features…

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Doves Democracy - Student Council

This week all the children in Doves took part in voting for who they wanted to be our Student Council representatives. We are very pleased to announce that Gracie Sykes and Samuel Wilmot will be our student council representatives. Well done to you guys.



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Doves Did Us Proud in the Whole Class Assembly

To end a very successful first, full week back to start this new academic year, Doves' Class performed in our end of week, whole school assembly. They sang a song, which celebrated our school, to the tune of the world famous Eidelweiss. The children worked hard to learn the lyrics and all sang…

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Year 3/4 Roman Day

During our Roman Day on Friday 21st April, the children across all three classes took part in a carousel of activities. There was Roman Road building with Mr Cooper, Mosaic making with Miss Howarth and Roman Shield (or Scutum as it was known in Roman times) designing with Mrs Harding.  Here are…

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*Doves Outdoor Orienteering Activity

This week the Doves have thoroughly enjoyed their Outdoor Orienteering Activity where they created a path out of natural objects.


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*Doves Go Skipping

As part of a whole schole initiative, each child in school will be skipping for at least 2 minutes a day. We started our Get Fit, Skip on our first day back after the Easter break. At first we had some reluctant skippers (who felt they couldn't do it) but by the end of the session all children…

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Doves' Debate about Bonfire Night and Conscience Alley

In Doves Class we have been writing a balanced argument about whether we should have Bonfire Night, or not. We split the class in to two teams. One team was for Bonfire Night and wrote arguments for why we should have Bonfire Night. These arguments included spending time with family and enjoying…

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The Door

What an exciting start to our final week of term. After such a hive of activity of different doors being decorated around our school last week, the children have had the opportunity to begin to write about a door of their choosing. The Door poem, by the poet Miroslav Holub, was such an…

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Welcome back!

A very warm welcome back to all of the Doves, I hope you all had a fabulous Easter!



Miss Clarkson 



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A visit from the dental nurses...

Not only was it red nose day on friday, the children in doves also received a very special visit from the dental nurses!

As part of our new science topic, teeth and digestion the children were very lucky to have two dental nurses, come into our class to discuss keeping our teeth healthy.


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World Book Day!

To celebrate World Book Day in Doves class, we spent some quality time reading some of our favourite stories. Horrid Henry and Roald Dahl were a popular favourite!

Also, in our literacy work today, we used Charlie and The Chocolate Factory to stimulate our persuasive writing! The…
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Exploring the life of the Celts...

As part of our Celtic Britain topic work in Doves class, we have been exploring the life of the Celtic community. 

Within our research we have been learning all about the different jobs the Celts had, over two thousand years ago!

One role in particular that we have really enjoyed learning…

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Life before the Celts...

What was life like before the Celts?

Who are the Celts?

How did people live, thousands of years ago?

In the Owls, Doves and Kestrels classes we have been answering these questions with research, reading and discussion. 

We have so far looked at life during the Stone, Bronze and Iron…

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