Hawk's Class Assembly WW2

Well done Hawks. You excelled yourself with the class assembly. 






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Hawks Diary Entries

Well done to Hawk class for some fantastic diary entries. 



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PE in Hawk class during the Spring term

In PE this term, Hawk class have been developing skills in hockey and gymanstics.

In hockey, we have been considering how we hold the hockey stick, moving with the ball, shooting, push passes and attacking whilst keeping an eye out for our team mates. 

In gymnastics, we have be developing…

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Safer Internet Day Hawks

Safer Internet Day


During safer internet day, Hawk class focussed on scenario cards, discussing the correct approach in different situations.

Well done Hawks for making such sensible choices and for working together in teams, listening to and sharing views with each other.


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Hawks Homework 24.2.17

Homework w/c 24.2.17                                                           Due in 1.3.17

Maths Homework


Spring and Summer


Use written methods to answer the arithmetic calculations below:

1)     166.7 – 146.8 =                                5)      2.8 x 1000 =

2)     …

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Hawks Homework 27.1.17

Homework w/c 27.1.17                                                           Due in 1.2.17

Maths Homework


Spring and Summer


Find the fractions of amounts below:

1)     ¼ of 252 =

2)     ¾ of 224 =

3)    ¾ of 528 =

Multiply the following fraction by the whole…

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Hawks Homework 20.1.17

This week maths homework has been handed out as fractions cannot be written on the blog and the poem that has to be learnt for reading homework has also been handed out. If children are unable to learn the full peom they can learn just one stanza.

Reading Homework

LO: To learn the poem…

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Hawks Homework 13.1.17

Homework w/c 13.1.17                                                    Due in 18.1.17

Maths Homework

Spring and Summer

1)    467.78 + 543.77 =

2)    864.33 – 654.56 =

3)    765 ÷ 6 =

4)    247 x 9 =

Autumn and Winter

1)    6548.7 + 5655.9 =

2)    8453.6 – 4639.22 =

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Hawks Homework w/c 12.12.16

Homework w/c 12.12.16                                                  Due in 21.12.16

Maths Homework

Spring and Summer

LO: To find the mode, median and range in a set of numbers.  

(use the help sheet to remind you of the methods if you need it)

Find the mode of the numbers…

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Hawks Homework and Spellings 2.12.16

Maths Homework

Spring and Summer

LO: To solve divisions and use the greater ( > ) than, less than ( < ) and equals ( =) symbols accurately.

Insert either the  >, < or = symbol into the space.


1)    256 ÷ 6  ____  528 ÷ 4

2)    1060 ÷ 8  ____  872 ÷ 7

3)      3360 ÷ 6…

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Hawk Spellings - Tested on 2.12.16

Spellings w/c 21.11.16   Tested on 2.12.16



1) gnat

2) gnaw

3) knee

4) knock

5) know

6) knight

7) wrap

8) write

9) written

10) wrong




1) weightlessness

2) woman

3) women

4) assure

5) ensure

6) unsure

7) closure

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Hawks Homework and Spellings w/c 14.11.16

Hawks Homework w/c 14.11.16                                            Due in 23.11.16

Maths Homework

This has been given out on sheets as fractions cannot be written on the website.

Reading Homework

Highlight examples where sentence starters are varied and then choose 3 of them to…

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Hawks Homework W/C 7.11.16


Literacy Homework

Research one of the Norse Gods and write 5 facts about them.

Reading Homework

This is in books this week as the children needed a photocopy of our Viking story.

Children should underline examples where the author develops drama in the text.



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Hawk Spellings - Tested 9.11.16



1) jukebox

2) jungle

3) injury

4) ace

5) face

6) ice

7) slice

8) their

9) people

10) called



1)     question 

2)     questionable

3)     recent

4)     regular

5)     reign 

6)     remember

7)     sentence

8)    …

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OAA in Hawks

Hawks have been working as a team in outdoor adventure activities. We have all had a great time!

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Hawks Preview Sheet 17.10.16

W/C 17.10.16 Preview Sheet




·        Next week revisiting the features of different text types before creating our hybrid texts.


Hybrid texts contain different styles of writing on one page eg a magazine page might include a biography, letter, fact file and…

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Hawks Homework 14.10.16

Hawks Homework – 14.10.16                                    Due in on 19.10.16


This week you will find reading, writing and maths and spellings homework on the blog.


Reading Homework

A the moment I am unable to include pictures on the websie to they are stuck in books this…

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Hawks Preview Sheet 10.10.16

W/C 10.10.16 Preview Sheet




Next week we will be continuing our work on modal verbs and will also be investigating suffix rules and antonyms.


Suffixes: -ance and –ence and the rules for using each spelling.


·        Use -ance when the base word is an…

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Hawk's Homework 7.10.16

Hawks Homework – 7.10.16                                     Due in on 12.10.16

This week you will find writing, reading, maths and spellings homework on the blog.

Writing Homework - All

LO: To create a newspaper article about a piece of news of your choice.

You could report…

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Team Building in PE

Hawks have been enjoying the OAA focus and have worked through lots of team building activities. It has been great seeing everyone working together and encouraging each other.





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Preview sheet 3.10.16

W/C 3.10.16 Preview Sheet


Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar


Next week we will be returning to our work on relative clauses and fronted adverbials to support the writing of our newspaper reports.


Relative clauses:

Emily, who was very kind, helped the old lady across the…

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Assembly Letter

Dear Parents/Carers


It is Hawks’ class assembly at 3p.m. on Tuesday 4th October and I have asked the children to wear the following clothes:


David – pyjamas, dressing gown slippers

Jill - pyjamas, dressing gown slippers

Jeffery - pyjamas, dressing gown slippers

Narrators –…

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Groosham Grange script from scene 8. By Josh Perry

Prior to this scene, Jeffery has been taken by the monsters at Groosham Grange and has been changed – he now wears the school ring. It seems that most of the children have been turned.


Scene 8: The Truth


Headmaster: David and Jill, I would like to see you in head two room please.…

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Hawks Preview sheet 26.9.16

W/C 26.9.16 Preview Sheet


Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar


Next week we will be learning about:


Relative clauses:

Emily, who was very kind, helped the old lady across the road.


The subject and object in sentences:

In a sentence, the subject is the person,…

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Hawks Preview sheet 19.9.16

W/C 19.9.16 Preview Sheet


Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar


Next week we will be learning about:


Different types of word groups:

·        common nouns eg table, wall, dog

·        proper nouns eg London, Clare

·        abstract nouns eg ecstatic, melancholy

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Throwing and Catching Fun

The class have enjoyed their throwing and catching focus in PE and have all improved on their existing skills. 



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Space Dances

Hawk class have been developing space themed dances in PE. We are hoping to film them on Thursday. 





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Finding a Present - a poem by Summer Holroyd


It was the week before Christmas,

what could I do?

A few days to go

and no present for you.


I searched high and low,

for a present just right.

I looked everywhere,

there was nothing in sight.


I finally found it.

I gave it a shout.

My arms had…

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News Reports on the Pearl Harbor Bombings

Hawk class have enjoyed our World War Two topic and have ended on a high. It was fantastic to see the whole class engage in their mission to bring news of the Pearl Harbor attack to the people of England. With a bit of poetic licence, wonderful news reports were created and the children showed…

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Year 5/6 Trip to the Museum of Lancashire

Years 5 and 6 all had a fantastic time at the Museum of Lancashire last week, taking part in role plays around bomb disposal, espionage, life in the land army and code breaking. 




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Cross Stitch

Hawk class have moved onto their next DT task with a 'make do and mend' theme. 

Here are a few examples of the fantastic cross stitch creations produced so far. Well done for concentrating so well! 


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Anderson Shelters

Hawks all worked well in their pairs today, completing the second of their Anderson shelters. A particular well done to Will and Jack who worked fantastically together. Next we will be tackling cross stitch with a 'make do and mend' theme. 



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World War Two Day

WOW! What a fantastic day! A big thank you to all of 5/6 for taking part. I really enjoyed the jitterbug and here are a few pictures. 





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Geometry in Maths

Year 6 worked creatively today to explore and manipulate 2D shapes. We explored how size and orientation could be changed and we investigated how the possibilities increased when irregular versions of a shape were included. Year 6 also investigated creating 2D shapes with certain numbers of acute…

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Science in Hawk Class

Hawk class had fun during their filtering experiment. The children worked very well in their teams and all completed their experiments. I also marked some fantastic write ups over the weekend. Well done Hawks!



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Sporting Events

This year, all of the pupils in Year 5 and 6 are looking forward to up and coming sporting events. These include; Football, High Five (Netball), Cricket, Tag Rugby and (not forgetting) the fabulous Carleton Green Sports Day.

The new house team captains; Ruben Perry (Demeter), Connal Roe…

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