Happy Birthday Robbie Robin...

We have had another fantastic week in Robins!

This week the children celebrated Robbie Robins birthday.  To link with our family album and recounts topic the children held a birthday party for Robbie and then later created a super recount all about it.

We enjoyed party games, party food and…

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Our hopes and wishes...

This afternoon, we have been talking about our hopes and wishes for the future, as part of our PSHE work.

We have been talking about what we hope to do when we are older.


What is your hope for the future? What would you like to do when you are grown up?


Alice hopes to be a vet…

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Super learning in Robins

Another fantastic week in Robins! 

This week we have finished our traditional tale topic in Literacy with the children writing their own tale. I have thoroughly enjoyed reading all of the tales, the Robins have thought of some very imaginative ideas! 

Also this week we have enjoyed looking…

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Arts & Craft club!

We had a wonderful time at our first arts & craft club! The children all made their own creepy crawly. Everyone worked really hard to build their design and they also gave their new little bug a special name. 

Can you see what materials the children used? 


I wonder what we will get…

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Wow! What a busy few weeks it has been! 

I am incredibly impressed with how Robins have settled into their new class. We have had lots of fun getting to know our new friends.

Over the last two weeks we have been learning about Blackpool, the children have enjoyed learning new facts about our…

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Being safe on the Internet...

Today we have been learning about how to stay safe on the Internet..

Here are some things that you must remember!!!!!


"Before you go on the Internet you must ask a grown up or a teacher that you trust" By Charlotte.


"If you feel scared, turn your phone or ipad off" By…

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A very special visitor has arrived...

What an exciting morning!!! 


Buddy the Elf has arrived to spend the Christmas season with Herons! 


I wonder what he will get up to while he is here? 

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How to make a yummy sandwich...

In Herons we have been learning about instructions! 

We have been writing instructions for brushing our teeth, making sandwiches and getting ready for school.


We have found out that instructions use imperative verbs ... These are 'bossy' verbs. Do you know any?

Also we have learned a…

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Welcome to Herons!

What a busy week it has been!!!!


We have been doing lots of fun and exciting things in our new class.


Also we have been making lots of new friends and we LOVE our new classroom! We have got a wonderful new smart wall and we can't wait to use it.


On Friday we had to perform…

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On a mission...


What a busy week!!!


Herons have been extremely busy this week after receiving a special letter from Jamie Oliver!

As part of our persuasion work, Jamie Oliver asked Herons to go on a healthy eating mission to get all the children at Carleton Green eating more fruit and veg!

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Fun Friday

We have been inspired by the work of E Shepherd today and had a go at recreating the characters from Winnie the Pooh. 



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Super Maths Challenge

Today, we have been finding word problems in our classroom.


We had to work with a partner to find a word problem and we used a number line to solve the addition problem.


Here is an example:

If you had 14 sweets and 5 chocolates how many would you have altogether?


Can you…

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Being a good friend...

Today, in year 1 we have been talking about how we can be a good friend.


Here are some things that we think are really important:

1. Always use kind words.

2. Play nice games together.

3. Don't leave any one on their own at break time. 'Stay together and don't leave them out'  -…

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Being a good citizen...

Today, year 2 have been working hard to discuss what being a good citizen means.


We have decided that we must show 6 important things...

1. Always being kind.

2. Tidying up the playground equipment.

3. Don't talk in assembly.

4. Always listen to the teacher.

5. Always try…

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I would like to wish everyone in Herons a very merry Christmas and a happy New Year!
I have been overwhelmed by your kindness and the lovely, thoughtful gifts I have received. Thank you very much to you all!!  We have had a fantastic term in Herons and I look forward to the next…
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The penguin mystery...

After break time, we went back to our classroom and we saw some cold, icy snow in our Christmas area.

Everyone was very excited because we saw a penguin!


We all sat down and listened to Miss Clarkson read the card that arrived on the penguin.

Mr Pablo the penguin has been sent from…

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'It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas'

We are starting to feel very festive in Herons.

Take a look at our wonderful new Christmas home area...



The countdown has begun....


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Super Similes

Today, we have been writing similes to describe Mr Tiger from The Tiger Who Came to Tea.



Here are some of our wonderful similes...


Mr Tiger is as big as a giant. By Nicole and Oliver R.

Mr Tiger is as big as Blackpool Tower. By Maya and Leo.

Mr Tiger is as big as a…

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Our Learning...

We have been extremely busy in Herons.
Over the last two weeks we have been learning all about non-fiction books!
The Herons were reading detectives to identify what special features information books include and they have also been learning to write facts, in order to teach the…
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Special Delivery

On Tuesday, our first day back after the half term, Herons received some very special post...


As part of our Julia Donaldson work last half term, Herons decided to write a letter to Julia, to find out more about the author who writes some of our favourite stories.


We all got very…

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Happy Half Term!!!

I can't believe we have reached the end of our first half term in Herons already. We have had a wonderful and incrediby busy 6 weeks and I have been so impressed with how all of the Herons have settled into their new class. 
Over the last few weeks we have been doing lots of wonderful…
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Our trip to Blackpool Zoo!

What a wonderful day...

On Thursday 8th October, all of us in Key Stage 1 visited Blackpool Zoo as part of our Topic work. We have been doing lots of fantastic learning about different animals, their habitats and their body structures. So we were extremely excited to visit the zoo and learn…

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KS1 Homework Menu


The homework 'menu' has been sent home with the children today (Monday 21st September). The 'menu' style format enables the children to choose which homework tasks they would like to do.


If you do not have a homework menu, please let me know and I can get another…

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A wonderful first week!

Wow! What a busy week it has been. I am extremely proud of all of the Herons this week, the children have settled into their new class brilliantly and they have all been working really hard, getting to know their new routines. I have been so impressed!

Thank you to all of you who brought a…

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A wonderful surprise!

This week we have been very lucky at Carleton Green...

As we arrived at school on tuesday, news spread quickly that our duck eggs had started to hatch! 

It has been wonderful for the children to watch the eggs hatch and to observe the ducklings grow on a daily basis. We have all been amazed…

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Dragons Den

Scooter Day!

To continue our learning all about a healthy lifestyle, Doves class turned into business people this week to plan and design their own scooter. 

Once they had chosen their new business name, the Doves researched scooters already for sale and then discussed what they needed to…

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Rethink Your Drink!!


Healthy Living Week

This week the Doves have been busy using their problem solving, measuring and calculation skills to investigate how much sugar is in some of their favourite drinks. The outcome left us feeling very shocked!




First the children had to carefully read…

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Future politicians...

To celebrate the General Election, we have been busy thinking about 'making promises'.

In Doves, the children have been thinking about what they would do if they were the Prime Minister.


We have been talking about the importantance of keeping promises and the important job the Prime…

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Musical Topic...

In Doves class we have been using our musical talents to write a rap all about The Celts.
As our 'Celtic Britain' topic work comes to an end, the children used all the knowledge they have learned to write their very own rap song! 
We have learnt lots of information about Celtic…
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Welcome back!

A very warm welcome back to all of the Doves, I hope you all had a fabulous Easter!



Miss Clarkson 



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A visit from the dental nurses...

Not only was it red nose day on friday, the children in doves also received a very special visit from the dental nurses!

As part of our new science topic, teeth and digestion the children were very lucky to have two dental nurses, come into our class to discuss keeping our teeth healthy.


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World Book Day!

To celebrate World Book Day in Doves class, we spent some quality time reading some of our favourite stories. Horrid Henry and Roald Dahl were a popular favourite!

Also, in our literacy work today, we used Charlie and The Chocolate Factory to stimulate our persuasive writing! The…
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Exploring the life of the Celts...

As part of our Celtic Britain topic work in Doves class, we have been exploring the life of the Celtic community. 

Within our research we have been learning all about the different jobs the Celts had, over two thousand years ago!

One role in particular that we have really enjoyed learning…

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Doves Class Assembly

A Journey Back In Time...

On the 3rd February 2015, it was Doves turn to take to the stage. It was time for our class assembly.


We were asked to showcase to parents, pupils and teachers what we have been learning about in our lessons. As a team we put together a short piece to…

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