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For the new Robins of 2020...

Hi Robins! 

I'm Mr Boyd and I'm going to be your class teacher in September.  I am really looking forward to the year and I hope you are too. 

On this page you will see there are some activities for you to complete over the Summer holidays and a couple of videos to watch.  It is really, really important that you continue to read over the holidays and I'd love you to take a photo of you reading in an unusual place and bring it with you to school in September.  We will add these to our reading area.

It has been lovely getting to know some of you (in Parrots) and others I have just spoken to briefly but your previous teachers tell me lots of wonderful things about you all.

Have a look at the transition activity grid below and bring along the work you have done in September.  You can also email me any photos or videos of the work you have done by emailing them to: s.boyd@carletongreen.lancs.sch.uk 

Also take a look at the assembly that the Eco Committee along with Mrs Hicks have put together about the various outdoor learning activities that have gone on in school this past year.  You can find it by clicking on the first banner on our school website.

I look forward to seeing you all in September and I hope you have a fantastic Summer holiday with your families.

Mr Boyd

NEW Robins Transition Activities

Meet The Teacher - September 2020

There will be the opportunity for a virtual Meet The Teacher via Zoom on Tuesday 2nd September at 4pm, 4.30pm and 5pm.  To attend one of these sessions please could you add me as a contact on Zoom using my email address s.boyd@carletongreen.lancs.sch.uk and email me to confirm what session you will be attending.  Once I have received an email from you I will then admit you to the Zoom session at the time requested.  I hope all that makes sense!!