A story about starting school read by Mrs Catterall   https://youtu.be/nD1otAtJpX0

Hello and welcome to Carleton Green,

Unfortunately, we are currently unable to start our 'normal' and usually very successful induction programme, given the current circumstances, so we are having to prepare for induction a little differently this year. We will continue to update this page as and when we know and have more information for you. 

We are currently preparing each of your induction packs and these will soon be ready for collection.

You could also have a look at the blog pages for Ducklings and Little Chicks to show your child what school life can be like at Carleton Green. You may need to go back a few months, before home learning started!

Here are some useful documents that might help you in the lead up to your child starting school. Hopefully we will be able to meet very soon.


Mrs Catterall, Mrs Lees and the rest of the Ducklings Team

Starting School

Am I ready for school?

Information for Ducklings' parents and carers 2020

What to expect, when? Booklet

Parents' guide to the Early Years Foundation Stage Framework

The LCC public health team have put together some useful information on the LCC website on school readiness.


Hungry Little Minds has been launched by the DfE to encourage parents and carers to engage in activities that support their child's early learning and help set them up for school and beyond.


The National Literacy Trust’s new project, Small Talk, aims to support the language development of 30,000 children under the age of five by equipping parents with the skills and confidence they need to chat, play and read with their child every day.  


 Tiny Happy People helps parents to develop their child's communication skills. It offers simple activities and play ideas to help parents find out about their amazing early development.