If you have been asked to be part of my catch up group this page is for you!

I will be working with Y3 and 4 children this week  22 February 2021 and will be putting some work to be completed on the page. We will zoom together so that we can talk through the work.




Y3 maths


Y4 maths


Y3 Writing


Y4 Writing


Y3 Reading



Y4 Reading


Your teachers have asked that we do some revision of topics in English and in Maths we will look at word problems and some fractions. So this week, please do the work I have set you! It is a really good chance for you to make sure you understand and build on your learning. Don't worry if you can't meet up, just send the work...Answers are for your parents..no cheating!

Send me any work to look at by email. If you are stuck on anything- let me know and I will chat or zoom with you.

 Let me know if you want any help with classwork too!

If there is anything at all you want me to look at with just you, let me know too.

Hopefully see you soon

Mrs Oddy


Remote Learning Class Rules

As far as possible we need to imagine that our lesson is just like it would be if we were at school.

Try and sit in a quiet room, with an adult present.

Remember to put your hand up when a grown up asks a question and you know the answer.

Listen carefully when others are talking and to instructions.

Make sure that you are dressed appropriately - No PJs!

No eating during lesson time. 

I am in school every day to help you.

Stay safe, take care.

Mrs Oddy

Year 1/2